George Blue Kelly Says Thank You and a Merry Christmas.

Season greetings to Medium and all Medium Creators

George Blue Kelly
4 min readDec 25, 2021

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This week made it one year since I started writing on Medium. When I rafted from Africa to Italy nearly seven years ago, I could only imagine what prospects awaited me.

Writing was never on my radar. I knew I had the gift of words — to pen thoughts, to bring feelings to life, and recreate experiences through words. To stretch my pen and touch the readers in ways they never thought possible.

On this journey of wordsmithing, I’ve met incredible people. People who to me are angels that were sent to add colors to my rainbow – fellow writers, contributors, and readers, together have made this journey a memorable one.

So here is my gratitude piece for every one of you who has contributed to creating this journey with me.

First a big thank you to Ev Williams, the founder of Medium —an incredible place to find unbelievable stories.

The first time I joined Medium in 2017 was because of the contents I found here. I couldn't believe a platform to read magnificent stories of people from around the world existed.

And that glued me to Medium, even before the possibility of earning rolled in.

As a newbie, Dr Mehmet Yildiz took me into his publications and made me an editor, even when I was still learning the ropes as a newbie. He gave me the space to grow. To that am grateful.

To all the editors and contributors of Illumination, thank you. You’re all wonderful.

In those early years too came along Diana C. and Melanie J. and Spyder in Know Thyself, Heal Thyself. These are incredible people who genuinely worked to help each other to grow and to get seen.

I will always remember those times. It was beautiful. Truly. Together we created a home — a community. A place where we can share our stories, our struggles and be vulnerable without fear of being judged. I miss those days cos today, we all know things have changed.

But I still hold those memories in my heart. And I hope we’ll find our way back again. Every one of us.

George Blue Kelly

Stories of an immigrant from the shores of Sicily