15 Rules For Young Men

The gentleman guidebook.

George Blue Kelly
6 min readApr 14, 2022

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There’s an increase of men today lacking identity and battling with what it means to be a man. A few decades ago, it was a lot easier to know your place.

But times have changed. We’re living in a world where anything goes. Gender fluidity. Rising promiscuity. Fickle identity. And people cancelling.

Young men are having a hard time figuring out how to be a man. Social media is doing a great job of misleading young people into believing they can Snapchat their way into adulthood.

We are doing a great job of fighting for the female child. Power to us. But we can do better. We can pay more attention to young men and help them build a solid identity. Men's lives matter too.

On my part, here are 15 Rules for young men that can help with that.

1. Find your ‘WHY’ for being.

To keep out of jail or running with the wrong crowd, give a sense of direction to your life. Wake up each morning with a ‘why.’ A goal to chase. And a good view of the future.

Vision keeps you on the right track.

A lot of misconduct, abuse, and crime that litters our society can be traced back to young men running with the wrong crowd. As they say, evil communication corrupts the good lots.

Get a vision. And allow that vision dictates the kind of folks you move around with.

2. Learn one or two skills.

Get good at something. Pick something you enjoy and master it.

In such challenging times, young men must have at least one thing they’re good at. We live in a social world, where our sense of self can be influenced by our environment.

Having a skill wouldn’t only increase your confidence but also give you something to monetize down the line.

3. Go to school.

Society rewards the learned.

To function and interact with society, you must get educated. So regardless of what you’re hearing about school, still get schooled. Have, at least, a degree.

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